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              Back in 1974 a group of friends from Calpe, lovers of tennis, embarked on an adventure named “Club de Tenis Calpe”. Fed up of having to travel to other towns to play their favorite sport they decided that the solution would be to build a tennis club in Calpe that apart from fulfilling their dream would add to Calpe's attractions as a holiday resort. On September 11th 1974 the founder members bought a large plot from the firm Promociones Martinez S.L. for 4.500.000 pesetas, sum that today would be derisory. In those times Calpe's population was small and the recruitment of members to pay for the land was by no means easy. Many doors were knocked on, but they managed to infect people with their enthusiasm despite the fact that they were "selling" a project that was still very much on the drawing board.


Club de tenis Calpe
ADVERTISING tel: 96 583 08 20

         Club de Tenis Calpe was officially founded in February 1977 under the chairmanship of Jaime Vives Tur. In June of the same year work began on the first tennis courts, followed by a children's playground and the enclosure of the grounds. In 1981 the Tennis Club opened its open air semi Olympic swimming pool and in 1983 the founders completed the sports and social facilities that they had dreamed of for so long. Despite the numerous draw backs and problems encountered during these first years Club de Tenis Calpe became a reality thanks to the great efforts and dedication of all of its members.  Many are the members that have stood on the management committee dedicating their spare time to the club. These members have voluntarily and with the best intentions, turned Club de Tenis Calpe into a sports, leisure and social centre. At present the club boasts over 400 members of various nationalities. Apart from the tennis installations there are 6 padel courts, a gym/fitness centre, and a bar and restaurant.  The present committee is working hard to make the club continue to meet the expectations of its members and visitors.

  The Club´s  CHAIRMENS:

D. Jaime Vives Tur

         1977 - 1987

D. Pascual Mayans Cabrera

                1987 - 1991

D. Salvador Puig Llopis

            1991 - 1999

D. Pedro Calatayud Ivars

              1999 - 2003

D. Pascal Dominique Lafitte

              2015 - 2019

D. Paco Camañez Ginestar

               2003 - 2007

D. Eduardo Aguirre Pastor

                 2007 - 2011

D. Linda Herrada

       2011 - 2015

        Además Right from the beginning the Club has held not only members tournaments but also annual open tournaments. Up until 1990 the OPEN STMO.CRISTO DEL SUDOR event that later on was replaced by the OPEN VILLA DE CALPE. Twelve years running, from 1990 to 2001, the Club hosted the COSTA BLANCA CUP CALPE. This competition was very popular amongst German residents and holiday makers and included 17 categories from men’s and women’s singles, to juniors and super veterans. Since 1997 the TORNEO NOCTURNO DE VERANO (Summer Nighttime Tournament), is held every month of August with a time table that starts in the evenings and continues into the small hours.

         Calpe’s Tennis Club has been chosen on several occasions by the Valencia Tennis Federation as venue of men’s and women’s regional championships: In 2002   the XXVII CAMPEONATO ABSOLUTO MASCULINO DE LA COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA won by Rubén Ramirez,        In 2003  XXVIII CAMPEONATO ABSOLUTO FEMENINO        won by Anabel Medina and in 2004 the XXIX CAMPEONATO ABSOLUTO MASCULINO DE LA COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA won by Manu Sala. The following year the Federation chose Club de Tenis Calpe once more as venue for the men’s regional championships with the victory of José Mª Vicente Fibla.

        What is our objective? To continue improving Club de Tenis Calpe’s facilities and activities. We will give a warm welcome, with the hospitality typical of Calpe’s inhabitants, to all those that want to join us.

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