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     International Tennis Seniors
    In 2004, Hans, a Swiss resident, started encouraging his elderly friends to play doubles matches in Club de Tenis Calpe. Very soon they discovered that playing tennis regularly was good for their heath and also great fun. They booked courts two days a week and gradually they put the word around and other senior players joined the group including holiday makers.
    It wasn’t long before the seniors organized their own tournament with the participation of other younger players at the start of the Christmas festivities. The Saint Nicolas Tournament (Nikolaus-Turnier), has become an annual event in which there are no losers and always ends with lunch in the Club’s Nou Manolo Restaurant.
    On many occasions the local seniors invited players from other clubs to play in Calpe or they returned these visits making themselves known and respected in the Costa Blanca.
Today Calpe’s International Tennis Seniors includes members from countries such as Germany, Belgium, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Holland and other countries of ages that go from the youngsters of 45 to players in their 80s. They play 4 hours every week with sporting and competitive spirit although the accent i son having fun.  
    If you are interested in playing in this group, that meets Tuesdays and Fridays from 10 to 12 please write your name down in the ITS book before the session. For more information enquire in the Club Office where various languages are spoken.
January  2014

TUESDAY     10:00h. - 12:00h.

FRIDAY         10:00h. - 12:00h.

TUESDAY     18:00h. - 20:00h.

FRIDAY         18:00h. - 20:00h.

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